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Get your move on!

Posted on 09 April 2016
Get your move on!

It’s official; you have signed the dotted line for your new house but don’t know what to do now.  The pressure is on.  You have packing tape in one hand and sticky labels in the other.  You are not prepared properly as you didn’t know what to expect. Perhaps it’s your first time! Maybe you’re an old hand, but just need a few reminders – whatever your experience we have an essential guide to moving house to ensure nothing is overlooked and everything runs smoothly so the excitement can begin for that fresh start.

1.Don’t move into debt

When planning your move, make sure you budget all day-to-day expenses.  Compare costs with removal companies, for example.  But also consider the financial weight of the move itself and if it’s one your happy to shoulder.

2.Future happenings 
Consider the area before signing on the dotted line.  Are you planning to start a family or travel to work?  Make sure there are schools and transport lines within the area – this will save you hassle or concern in the long-run. And maybe even another move!

3.Sealing those packages
Packing is the perfect time to clear out all those unwanted items that you no longer have a use for.  Start by categorising everything in your house into boxes.  This will help you decide on what to pack, sell, give to charity and what to bin!  Don’t forget to label all of your boxes so items are easily found when you arrive.

4.Get your mail re-directed
Remember to let all the relevant companies know you have changed your address, including your driver’s license, electricity supplier and TV license.  Make sure you schedule time to do this as it can take longer than you’d expect, and it’s essential. Any bills you don’t get and therefore don’t pay can lead to debt but also increase the risk of ID fraud.

You can also use Royal Mail’s Postal Redirection service to ensure all mail is delivered to your change of address.

Moving can be overwhelming, especially when your to-do checklist is endless.  Don’t feel bad for asking friends and family to help you out.  Even if it’s only to car pool a few boxes, it will be a massive help and time-saver!
Hiring a removal van can eat into your moving budget but there’s no doubt it saves time on the amount of journeys travelling back and forth between houses.

6.Pain Relief
Please be careful when lifting all of your belongings.  Take your time and lift boxes and furniture correctly by bending your legs.

7.Don’t forget about your
pets As this is a stressful time for you, don’t forget it is also stressful for your furry pets. Once you get to your new home, bring them their favourite treats and toys into a certain area.  This will make
them feel at ease for settling in their new home. If you are interested in selling or renting your home, contact your local branch today at

Judith Jordan - Associate Director, North Down