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I don't believe it!

Posted on 03 June 2017
I don't believe it!

In this digital age, communication is more important than it’s ever been. When buying or selling a house, 24/7 access to information is now a prerequisite. But have you ever considered just how many different ways we now have to communicate? And how they might actually hinder us in securing our goals and objectives.
It can be difficult to keep up with, and is also conducive to grumpiness. Has the world gone mad when it comes to communications? Our resident Victor Meldrew-in-waiting, Keith Mitchell bemoans the overload of technology that’s getting in the way of real live, human interaction.

With mobile phones, it used to be as easy as turning the thing on and making a phone call, or waiting for someone to call you. Simple.  Even turning the things on now is a challenge, providing you can find the button. And the phone feature seems to be an added extra among all the available apps.

Whatsapp. Whatsthat? An instant messaging service. Works on wifi. Apparently

Linkedin sounds like it should be a site for chain manufacturers, but instead it’s virtual business network. You do business with people you’ve never met, in a place that doesn’t exist in real life.

Instagram sounds like it should be a faster way to send the telegrams of yesteryear, but this is not the case at all. It is pictures, mostly of people pouting and sharing images of their dinner. Baffling.

Twitter doesn’t have birds, or anything related to ornithology. Much like Instragram, lots of food, pets and pouting pictures as well as extreme opinions and videos of cats.

Facebook is much the same  but the posts are longer and there are more videos of cats.  Facebook live is where you can watch a video of a cat in real time, as it’s happening Snapchat is a social media channel where again, you never have to meet the people you are engaging with. And their cat videos disappear after ten seconds.

Text is almost as old fashioned as email. No cats.   Email is to modern communication in 2017, what carrier pigeon was in Tudor times.  First or second class post is still anonymous in that it involves no physical interaction, but has innovated with self-sticking stamps pulling it right into the 21st century.  Skype and Facetime allow you to actually see the person you are talking to, although only partially, unless the ipad is very far away. And then you can’t hear them. And at the end of the conversation you can’t shake their hand.

And that is the key.

Modern technology has enhanced our lives, but when it comes to buying and selling property, no video equates to the feeling of walking through a house, and planning your future there.
It’s also difficult to imagine doing a deal via the channels available now. In most business transactions, but particularly in the property sector, there’s no substitute for face to face, real life and real time engagement, especially when it comes to a major life decision like purchasing a home.

Keith Mitchell - Partner