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Working from Home Made Easy

Posted on 1 April 2020
Working from Home Made Easy

All of a sudden, your dream of being able to work from the comfort of your home has finally come true.

Except it's not yet lunchtime and you can already feel things spiralling out of control. You miss all the office gossip, the comradery and the routine.

All you know is that your world has shifted and you're afraid your mind is going with it.

Here are a few simple steps which may help.

Step One – PLANNING 
It’s important to get some kind of routine in place every week or morning, plan what you’re going to do each day and set goals for the week.

Come to your ‘home office’ the same time you would go to the work office and limit your working hours with regular ‘tea breaks’ halfway through the morning and afternoon to get away from your desk to help kep up you concentration.

Try to have your regular meals and snacks during breaks. A lot of people ask ‘how do I stay away from the fridge whilst working at home’, keeping a normal eating routine will help you to try not to fall into the trap of reaching for the biscuit tin each break..its not easy!

Pretend that you’re going to work, get up, showered and dress nicely which will put you in a better frame of mind for the job ahead...and you’ll look more professional for the office conference calls.

Dedicate a room or work space in your home which is your office which makes you feel comfortable and that you can work well in without distractions. Set yourself up a radio so you have some company in the background to work with.

There are so many ways to communicate nowadays with video/conference calling, social media, phones, emails so stay in touch with your colleagues throughout the day and importantly keep in touch with friends. A lot of people are isolating on their own and can feel lonely so a quick video chat or phone call to them can make all the difference-  It’s good to talk!

Step Seven – EXERCISE
Exercise is important for your body and mind, try to fit some exercise in daily, whether you carry on with home workouts or just get out for a half an hour walk, every little helps!